Software Development

Do you have enough time to work on your Delphi projects?

Would you like to take your Delphi code to mobile, the web, OSX or Linux?

The Continuity Group can be your development team on demand to tackle these tasks and others.

We can work on the code with you

Many of our customers like us to work alongside them which we love doing. Together we make a great team, combining their expert knowledge of their software with our expert knowledge of Delphi and development best practices. Along with seeing their project move forward our customers tell us they enjoy the experience of working with other Delphi programmers (whether we’re in the same room or working remotely).

Or you can leave it up to us

We understand that outsourcing development only works if the stakeholder is an integral part of the team. We can do the heavy lifting but at all stages we’ll be conferring with you making sure your vision and our code align.